Probes Color Coded Single End, Explorers and Probes Color-Coded, Gold Titanium Coated Non Stick Tip Probes, Explorers and Probes, Explorer Double End, Explorer Single End, Dressing Pliers, Cone Sockets or Simple Stem Handles, Mouth Mirros
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Periosteals, Surgery Knives, Surgical Chisels, Goldman Fox Scalers, Sickle Scalers, Universal Curettes, Gracy Curettes Short Shank Rigid Tips, Gracy Curettes With Long Shank Tips, Gracy Curettes Standard
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Blue Titanium Coated Burnishers, Blue Titanium Coated Composite Instruments, Gold Titanium Coated Burnishers Soft Grip, Gold Titanium Coated Composite Instruments, Burnishers, Composite/Plastic Filling Instruments, Pluggers Condensers, Amalgam Carriers, Carvers, Carving Knives, Placement Instruments and Gingival Retractors, Excavators English Patterns, Excavators Oval Spoons and Blades
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About us

Sintco Instruments Co. began in 1982 Suppling instruments across Canada and all over the world. We believe our success in the result of the high quality of our products and the efficiency of the services that we offer to our customers.

Our instruments are crafted on CNC machines with Accurate bending, Assembling, Polishing and Sharpening process. All our instruments are manufactured with high quality Stainless steel which allows maximum hardness and enduring shine.

We can retip all the used hand instruments almost with half the price of new instruments.

The content on the website are the exclusive property of Sintco Inc. May not be copied or reproduced.

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2015 Ontario Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) Dental Conference

Date : May 7 & 8 2015
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